Beware of ‘Selective Progressives’


Why be so surprised to discover someone with progressive integrity on one issue harbors regressive duplicity on another relative issue, as if hypocrisy is a rarity or characteristic anomaly relegated to conservatives? Such a moral two-step is and has been the American way, literally since the inception of America, as a country.

Lest we forget, the same Thomas Jefferson–founding father, dignified statesman, eloquent advocate of civil liberties, and a U.S. president–who wrote “all men are created equal” was also the same Thomas Jefferson who was a slave driving racist rapist that sired progeny with his slave, Sally Hemming. (Whom he didn’t even set free by last will and testament after his death.) Talk about selective progressive(!)?

So, never assume that a white LGBTQ advocate will automatically be on board with anti-racism efforts (they may be racist, too) or that a #BlackLivesMatter supporter will support ‘the [so called] gay agenda,’ even though it was LGBTQ activists–Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi–who started the #BLM movement.

Hell, even the renegade right wing conservative darling of the day, KY clerk Kim Davis, is actually a registered “good Democrat” who opposes [gay] marriage equality, but she’s being criticized by the “God Hates F*gs” Westboro church for being an adulterer herself. It’s a veritable clusterf*ck of selective progressivism and a clear example of how the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend.

Beware of ‘selective progressives.’ Just because they’re down for other causes, doesn’t mean they’ll be down for your cause. #dontBSyourself


Imagine having a temperamental live-in lover who constantly uses the threat of a breakup as a control tactic to keep you in check. Just leave them? Suppose, due to extenuating circumstances, leaving them without a carefully plotted exit strategy is much easier said than done. Still, no matter how relatively secure you think you are with them, you’re always one major, minor or non-existent infraction from “get the f*ck out and stay out!” So, not leaving is no guarantee of being able to stay, anyway.

Imagine you come home, put your key in your front door and discover your moody live-in lover’s changed the locks with all your stuff locked inside. You know they’re in there, but no matter how many times you knock, there’s no answer.

This goes on for days with you wondering when or if they will at least let you back in to get your stuff out. You can’t break in or even call authorities to let you in because ‘your’ place is actually in their name. Then, days later, just as they locked you out without warning, they let you back in… and want to get back together. (Yeah, no.)

That’s what it’s like having a ‘serious relationship’ with Facebook. That’s basically what they did to me (again) this past week, but you know what… I’m good.

They unlocked my profile yesterday–days after deleting content and shutting me down over an erroneously submitted “real name” report by butt-hurt Yelawolf fanatics, angry that they were bested in a debate with me over his drunken diatribe and the Confederate flag–but I was so ungrateful for their gesture that I didn’t even bother to post an “I’m back” status or rage against their machine post… f*ck ’em.

I genuinely couldn’t care less about anything Facebook by the time they unlocked my profile, except backing up my content, correspondence and contacts. Moreover, I took it as a lesson I’d already learned before, but lazily didn’t act on: DO NOT rely on Facebook as a primary content host!

Of course, using Facebook is somewhat of a necessary ‘evil.’ So, I do intend to keep my profile active, but my Facebook content will be relegated to sharing links from my own independent blog| I will even set up my blog to allow Facebook comments, for my readers’ convenience. Anything to minimize my reliance on Facebook to stay connected with my network of people. I should have done this long ago, but never blocked out the time to actually get it done, until now.

I could go clean in on Facebook’s ridiculous policies that ironically encourage the very type of abusive, trolling, free speech suppression behavior their policies intend to thwart. (If you allow random users to use your system to wreak havoc on other users’ profiles via anonymous reports and the accused are treated as guilty, until proven innocent, expect shenanigans.)

But, instead of a ‘fight the power’ post, I just want to take this time to give a heads up to all of my Facebook friends who were really down for me when my Facebook profile was stuck in purgatory. Thank you all. You’re all the reason I haven’t just deactivated my Facebook profile and started from scratch elsewhere. That would be throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater.

So, even though I’m not exactly “back” on Facebook as I was before, I will still be posting links there from here, where we can really converse, sans aforementioned threat of ‘shenanigans.’

I will keep you posted on the progress of my blog. It’s a work in progress. Also, if you’d like to be on my emailing list to contact me outside of social media, you’re welcome to hit me up at Thanks again for all of your love, loyalty, and support. Looking forward to you as guests in my new home. Mi casa es su casa. (My house is your house.) Peace.