Where the F*ck Is White Media Finding All These Pro-Trump Black Women???

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Ok… f*ck is the media finding so many pro-Trump BLK women & why? (Only 4% BW voted for him.) #rhetoricalquestion #okeydoke #dontBSyourself


Hmm… Side-Eyeing the F*ck Outta This White Guy Stockpiling Tiki Torches

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Him: *loading his shopping cart with clearance sale Tiki torches*

Me: “Ayo… f*ck you g’on do with all them torches, breh?

Him: “Huh??? *pause* Oh… no!

Me: “Just f*ckin’ with ya.

Him: *relieved* “Good one!

Me:  …..  …..  ….. 

Him: *awkward silence* 

Me: “Yeah… true. ” #dontBSyourself


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World on My Shoulders (WOMS) and @blackwomensdefenseleague (BWDL) have been fielding phone calls since last night from activists in Houston. They’ve been telling us what they need and how we can support them. These are people in and serving underserved communities that will likely go unsupported by relief efforts of more well-known organizations.

We will be going in when the roads clear, which is likely going to be Wednesday.

These are the needs in order of importance:
$1,500 to facilitate aide efforts
Hazmat suits
Trash Bags
First Aid Supplies
Bottled Water
Non-perishable Food items

Diapers (all sizes)
Children and Adult Hygiene items
Toilet/Tissue paper
Children’s uniforms (unisex)
Children’s clothing/shoes (unisex)
School supplies
Women and Men clothing/shoes (Unisex jumpers)
Baby Carriers

Donate $:

Shipping address:
World on My Shoulders
PO Box 6576
Tyler, TX 75711

For DFW Area Drop-Off Points:
Call BWDL @ 828-REVOLT-0

Relief Efforts
World on My Shoulders
Black Women’s Defense League

We are coordinating with Houston activists to help address the needs of underserved communities in Houston.


The Lemon Tree: Critical Thinking vs Cognitive Dissonance

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CT: “This is a lemon tree.”

CD: “Wow… so disrespectful! You just g’on trash the tree like that?”

CT: “Huh? Trash, how??? It IS a lemon tree.”

CD: “Yeah, so what? Lemons are bitter as f*ck;. I hate them sh*ts!”

CT: “Hold up. So… you agree that it’s a lemon tree, but you’re mad at me for calling it that because you like the tree, but not its lemons?”

CD: “Look… there’s more to the tree than all those sour a** lemons.”

CT: “Um… that’s because it’s a tree, a whole tree… a LEMON tree.”

CD: “There you go again with that disrespectful a** lemon sh*t!!!” 


The Tree: 

“Critical thinking isn’t always comfortable or convenient. Be mindful of cognitive dissonance when feelings & facts collide.” –Sunn m’Cheaux #dontBSyourself

‘Black Samurai’ Lives [Don’t] Matter, See: White Privilege

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When I saw these umbrellas designed as replica swords in a comic shop, my first thought was “DOPE!” and that I’d like to cop one, if not both of them…

Then my immediate second thought was #DarrienHunt. As quickly as the kid in me leapt with excitement at the thought of rockin’ a katana like a Black Samuria, the grown [Black] man that I am thought about me getting gunned down by ‘overzealous’ cops after some ‘concerned citizen’ called 911 about the ‘suspicious’ Black man brandishing a weapon. I didn’t buy the umbrella(s).

And that, my friends, is #whiteprivilege: not having to have life or death second thoughts when deciding whether or not to buy novelty items at your favorite comic store. Seems mundane, but it matters, unlike Black lives to those who would make me live to regret the purchase. #dontBSyourself #blacklivesmatter

My Flight Didn’t Crash, But Still Fell On A Black Day… #RIPChrisCornell

On my flight we experienced terrible turbulence that caused the crew to repeatedly reassure us via the in-flight audio system that, basically, we were not going to crash. It was frustrating as f*ck. Not the turbulence, the crew repeatedly interrupting me listening to Sound Garden (and, as usual, daydreaming I was Chris Cornell singing the songs).

At one point, I was deadass OK with the plane crashing, as long as I could finish listening to Bad Motorfinger uninterrupted!

You see, if my life had a soundtrack, it wouldn’t be complete without songs from Chris Cornell, whether solo or with his band(s). So, when I logged on and saw #RIPChrisCornell trending, it felt like the plane had crashed after all.

I know everybody dies and 2016 might have left everyone with celebrity death fatigue, but I’ll never let myself be numb to loss, especially when I Iose a piece of myself with the departed. 💔 Godspeed, Chris. #RIP 🕊 #blackday #outshined #lookingCA #feelingMN #dontBSyourself