Whether You Love Me or Not, I Love Us

Everyday I post commentary knowing that it only takes ONE errant tweet for MANY of you to ‘cancel’ me… I get it: the ♡ of strangers (even that of friends™) is often fickle for a myriad of reasons, particularly on social media (and/or regarding privilege and oppression), but I don’t do it for your ♡; I do it because I truly believe in it/you/us. Which won’t ever change, whether you believe [in] me, ♡ me or not… I will still ♡, always.

-Sunn m’Cheaux | dontBSyourself.com




Sierra Leone Mudslide Deaths Trumped By All Lives Matter Hypocrisy

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Of all the statements your boy #Trump made this week & fallout that followed, his silence spoke loudest. 467 people, human beings killed in one tragic event in #SierraLeone & nary a peep or tweet about it from the POTUS. No surprise there. The lives lost were Black; so… they don’t matter. If only there was a group of caring, concerned citizens who say that ALL lives matter, I’m sure they would have this tragic loss of life plastered all over their social media walls like when a WHT woman or [WHT] cop & anyone else [WHT] is killed by so called “radical Islamists.” Too bad there’s no group like that. I’m sure they would take this bum (Trump) to task for his silence this week…  #dontBSyourself#blacklivesmatter #solidarity #whitesilenceisviolence


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World on My Shoulders (WOMS) and @blackwomensdefenseleague (BWDL) have been fielding phone calls since last night from activists in Houston. They’ve been telling us what they need and how we can support them. These are people in and serving underserved communities that will likely go unsupported by relief efforts of more well-known organizations.

We will be going in when the roads clear, which is likely going to be Wednesday.

These are the needs in order of importance:
$1,500 to facilitate aide efforts
Hazmat suits
Trash Bags
First Aid Supplies
Bottled Water
Non-perishable Food items

Diapers (all sizes)
Children and Adult Hygiene items
Toilet/Tissue paper
Children’s uniforms (unisex)
Children’s clothing/shoes (unisex)
School supplies
Women and Men clothing/shoes (Unisex jumpers)
Baby Carriers

Donate $:

Shipping address:
World on My Shoulders
PO Box 6576
Tyler, TX 75711

For DFW Area Drop-Off Points:
Call BWDL @ 828-REVOLT-0

Relief Efforts
World on My Shoulders
Black Women’s Defense League

We are coordinating with Houston activists to help address the needs of underserved communities in Houston.


The Lemon Tree: Critical Thinking vs Cognitive Dissonance

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CT: “This is a lemon tree.”

CD: “Wow… so disrespectful! You just g’on trash the tree like that?”

CT: “Huh? Trash, how??? It IS a lemon tree.”

CD: “Yeah, so what? Lemons are bitter as f*ck;. I hate them sh*ts!”

CT: “Hold up. So… you agree that it’s a lemon tree, but you’re mad at me for calling it that because you like the tree, but not its lemons?”

CD: “Look… there’s more to the tree than all those sour a** lemons.”

CT: “Um… that’s because it’s a tree, a whole tree… a LEMON tree.”

CD: “There you go again with that disrespectful a** lemon sh*t!!!” 


The Tree: 

“Critical thinking isn’t always comfortable or convenient. Be mindful of cognitive dissonance when feelings & facts collide.” –Sunn m’Cheaux #dontBSyourself