Peaceful Protesters =/= Peaceful Police @ Protests

Of course, killing #cops is NOT “the answer” [to ending police brutality], but using #MartinLutherKingJr’s belief in peaceful protest to posit that point is incredibly disingenuous, if not outright intellectually dishonest.

His belief in peaceful resistance didn’t render the police peaceful, only the Black people being brutalized by said police (and firemen who blasted peaceful #Black bodies with water pressure powerful enough to break concrete).

And, lest we forget, #MLK did not die peacefully.

Again, killing cops is NOT “the answer,” but being peaceful has never stopped cops from killing us. #dontBSyourself

Black Men, We Owe Black Women

Black women have always been (and remain) on the frontline vs cops for us (Black men), despite them statistically being much more likely to be killed by us than cops. Black men… We. Owe. Black. Women. We owe Black women reciprocation of their protection, from others and ourselves. #SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter #dontBSyourself

Red or Blue: Which Collage Best Illustrates How YOU Address Racism (White Supremacy)?

The following collages may not fully nor literally capture how you address racism (white supremacy), but for purposes of polling, I’ve narrowed the options down to the two most polar opposites. 

So, the answer to the question isn’t necessarily which is the exact representation of how you address the matter, but which of the two best illustrates your approach in addressing and/or confronting racism (white supremacy).

Red or Blue: What say you? #dontBSyourself

@ Black Butthurt Brothahood: Enough Already With Your Beta Male Bullsh*t


Every time Black women collectively admire a man for whatever attribute they find appealing, there’s a salty a** collection of Black men who pop up to shame them for it. It’s like clockwork.

Sisters were “whorish” for lusting over D’Angelo, “color struck” for admiring Jesse Williams, “ratchet” for liking Jeremy ‘Hot Felon’ Meek’s looks (not actions), “thirsty” for loving Idris Elba, and “Negro bed wenches” if they dug Fitz or Jake with Olivia (Scandal).

WHO is this elusive mystical, miracle mystery man that Black women can collectively adore, and not be shamed by these clown shoes, clit-blockers? No one. That’s who.

You see, it doesn’t matter if the man is light, dark, creative, criminal, conscious, real or scripted, if Black women admire him, the Black Butthurt Brothahood will rise up to put them and/or him down.

This beta male behavior is masked as respectability, misogynistic modesty standards designed to control Black women’s bodies by way of their minds.

Truth is, quasi-conscious misogynists will never, ever be satisfied with any man that Black women choose, even if Black women chose them.

Call it what it is, fellas: insecurity.

Be man enough to admit that you don’t feel man enough. Stop putting sisters on the defense for being appreciative of positive traits you don’t possess, and maybe you’ll be more appreciated for positive traits that you do possess. #dontBSyourself

Straight Becky Sexually Assaults Black Cop @ Pride, Boyfriend Thinks It’s Cute


Imagine the repercussions and public backlash if the roles were reversed in this pic: if this Black cop had clenched and gripped a fist full of this Becky’s vagina without her consent to the amusement of his Black girlfriend (who later tweeted it as a joke).

You don’t have to imagine. You already know; he (and his amused girlfriend) would be strung up by sundown.

If someone is having difficulty seeing #WhitePrivilege, #entitlement, and the sense of white dominion over Black bodies, show them this post. This is literally a pictorial illustration of all three rolled up in one. And if they still can’t see it, f*ck ’em. Keep it moving.

There isn’t a [sane] Black woman alive in the United States who’d think she could just snatch up a White cop’s c*ck in a pic with her Black boyfriend, and she not get arrested or worse.

This is some of the Beckyest sh*t I’ve seen all week… and it’s only Tuesday. 😒 #dontBSyourself