My Flight Didn’t Crash, But Still Fell On A Black Day… #RIPChrisCornell

On my flight we experienced terrible turbulence that caused the crew to repeatedly reassure us via the in-flight audio system that, basically, we were not going to crash. It was frustrating as f*ck. Not the turbulence, the crew repeatedly interrupting me listening to Sound Garden (and, as usual, daydreaming I was Chris Cornell singing the songs).

At one point, I was deadass OK with the plane crashing, as long as I could finish listening to Bad Motorfinger uninterrupted!

You see, if my life had a soundtrack, it wouldn’t be complete without songs from Chris Cornell, whether solo or with his band(s). So, when I logged on and saw #RIPChrisCornell trending, it felt like the plane had crashed after all.

I know everybody dies and 2016 might have left everyone with celebrity death fatigue, but I’ll never let myself be numb to loss, especially when I Iose a piece of myself with the departed. đź’” Godspeed, Chris. #RIP đź•Š #blackday #outshined #lookingCA #feelingMN #dontBSyourself

There May Be 99 Reasons To Question A Pro-Black Man or Woman’s “Brand Loyalty”… But Having A White Partner Ain’t One 

Aside from the fact that women are literally being objectified in the above post–i.e. compared to objects owned by men–the logic itself is illogical. It’s like saying one cannot be against drunk-driving if one drinks.

Drunk-driving is the problem, not drinking [responsibly]. Likewise, being anti-white power does not mean anti-White people by default. There may be 99 reasons to question Nate Parker’s “brand loyalty” to pro-Blackness (not that pro-Blackness is a monolith), but having a wife who isn’t Black isn’t one of them.

James Baldwin, Josephine Baker, Bayard Rustin, Frederick Douglass, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas all had White partners, but only one is widely regarded in Black spaces as a “coon” (literally a Tom). It’s the work they put in for Blackness and content of character, not color of their lover, that separates the four from that one.


Racial fetishization, “color struck,” white supremacist conditioning of Blacks to favor European beauty, derision of Black women by Black men with White women, even colorism and a host of relevant issues are all valid. So, it’s understandable why B/W interracial relationships may trigger some type of visceral response for many Black people. It’s much more complicated than color-by-number rationale.

Let’s be clear: This is NOT a defense for or deflection from Nate Parker’s past or present problematic remarks regarding rape, women, gays anything of a sort. This is solely addressing the “brand loyalty” logic itself as it pertains to interracial coupling and not dismissing the aforementioned “visceral response” as “reverse racism.” (*side eye* @ the latter.)

There may indeed be a number of Black “sellouts” who choose White partners due to “self-hate” and so on, but that doesn’t make a Black person with a White (or non-Black) partner a sellout or self-hater by default. To know that about them you would actually have to know who they are, not just who they’re with. #dontBSyourself

Unlike NBA Players, WNBA Players Fined For Supporting Police Violence Victims


If you thought the WNBA sisters who wore t-shirts in solidarity with Black victims of police killings would receive the same league support (no fine) as their NBA brothers, well… you thought wrong.

See: Misogynoir – Intersection of racism and sexism, which uniquely affects Black women.

Some may say it’s about money and star power (or the lack thereof), not race or gender, but Black women and girls already know what it’s about.#dontBSyourself #SayHerName #BlackGirlMagic#BlackLivesMatter

American White Privilege: Like Water for Chocolate

The United States was founded as (and remains) fundamentally a white power structure on a molecular level.

Removing white privilege from the system/society while maintaining Liberty™ would be like removing wetness from water while maintaining liquidity. Unless the state of the union is reconstituted, it will be what it is.

The reason we don’t look at running water flowing, cold water freezing or hot water steaming and exclaim “this water is broken” is because we have a basic understanding of how water works, based on its molecular state.

White privilege and oppression of POC are the hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) of the United States (H2O). Systemic racism isn’t a sign of the system being “broken,” but that the system is working as designed. #dontBSyourself