Whether You Love Me or Not, I Love Us

Everyday I post commentary knowing that it only takes ONE errant tweet for MANY of you to ‘cancel’ me… I get it: the ♡ of strangers (even that of friends™) is often fickle for a myriad of reasons, particularly on social media (and/or regarding privilege and oppression), but I don’t do it for your ♡; I do it because I truly believe in it/you/us. Which won’t ever change, whether you believe [in] me, ♡ me or not… I will still ♡, always.

-Sunn m’Cheaux |




Sierra Leone Mudslide Deaths Trumped By All Lives Matter Hypocrisy

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Of all the statements your boy #Trump made this week & fallout that followed, his silence spoke loudest. 467 people, human beings killed in one tragic event in #SierraLeone & nary a peep or tweet about it from the POTUS. No surprise there. The lives lost were Black; so… they don’t matter. If only there was a group of caring, concerned citizens who say that ALL lives matter, I’m sure they would have this tragic loss of life plastered all over their social media walls like when a WHT woman or [WHT] cop & anyone else [WHT] is killed by so called “radical Islamists.” Too bad there’s no group like that. I’m sure they would take this bum (Trump) to task for his silence this week…  #dontBSyourself#blacklivesmatter #solidarity #whitesilenceisviolence