‘Harvard’ Goals… Breathe


To those who’ve messaged me that my story inspired you or a loved one of yours to apply to @harvard, I am humbled by you and happy for you.

That said, I hope whatever sliver of inspiration I can offer isn’t relegated to Harvard-related goals alone. Your proverbial ‘Harvard’ mayn’t be here… your ‘Harvard’ may be that job you need, conquering an affliction, the inner-peace you seek, certification at your craft, health (be it physical or mental), to pin a demon(s) you wrestle daily, to be forgiven, to be accepted (as is), to pass the bar or simply bake the perfect soufflé.

Quiet as kept, not even my ‘Harvard’ is Harvard. Whenever I make Mama laugh, her laughter echoes through my lungs & I breathe pure joy. When Daddy says “love you, son,” I feel… completed… in a way that I could never find in the halls of Harvard. Yet, it comes full circle when I see the pride of me teaching at Harvard beaming on Mama & Daddy’s faces.

That is my ‘Harvard’… the one that will stay with me, even if I don’t stay here. Whatever yours may be & if anything I do or say helps you get there, my advice to you: breathe. Now, let’s git it! #weoutchea #gullah #geechee #harvard #harvardgoals #♡

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