TSA Asked Me If I ‘Earned’ My Harvard Beanie… and Instantly Regretted It

TSA: *takes my boarding pass, sees my Harvard knitted cap, gives backhanded compliment* “Nice hat, young man… did you earn it?”

Me: “Oh, nah, I bought it…” 😐

TSA: “Hmpf…” 😏

Me: “…with my Harvard paycheck… I teach there… two languages, six sections.” 😐

TSA: “Hmm…” 🤔 *sees my Harvard ID as I show my driver’s license* “Oh…” 😳

Me: 😐

TSA: “Wow, cool… nice… good for you.” 😁

Me: 😐

TSA: “Well, you’re all set. Have a Happy…”

Me: *ghost*

 — at Boston Logan International Airport.

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