The Lemon Tree: Critical Thinking vs Cognitive Dissonance

Image may contain: plant and outdoor


CT: “This is a lemon tree.”

CD: “Wow… so disrespectful! You just g’on trash the tree like that?”

CT: “Huh? Trash, how??? It IS a lemon tree.”

CD: “Yeah, so what? Lemons are bitter as f*ck;. I hate them sh*ts!”

CT: “Hold up. So… you agree that it’s a lemon tree, but you’re mad at me for calling it that because you like the tree, but not its lemons?”

CD: “Look… there’s more to the tree than all those sour a** lemons.”

CT: “Um… that’s because it’s a tree, a whole tree… a LEMON tree.”

CD: “There you go again with that disrespectful a** lemon sh*t!!!” 


The Tree: 

“Critical thinking isn’t always comfortable or convenient. Be mindful of cognitive dissonance when feelings & facts collide.” –Sunn m’Cheaux #dontBSyourself


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