‘Black Samurai’ Lives [Don’t] Matter, See: White Privilege

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When I saw these umbrellas designed as replica swords in a comic shop, my first thought was “DOPE!” and that I’d like to cop one, if not both of them…

Then my immediate second thought was #DarrienHunt. As quickly as the kid in me leapt with excitement at the thought of rockin’ a katana like a Black Samuria, the grown [Black] man that I am thought about me getting gunned down by ‘overzealous’ cops after some ‘concerned citizen’ called 911 about the ‘suspicious’ Black man brandishing a weapon. I didn’t buy the umbrella(s).

And that, my friends, is #whiteprivilege: not having to have life or death second thoughts when deciding whether or not to buy novelty items at your favorite comic store. Seems mundane, but it matters, unlike Black lives to those who would make me live to regret the purchase. #dontBSyourself #blacklivesmatter


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