My Flight Didn’t Crash, But Still Fell On A Black Day… #RIPChrisCornell

On my flight we experienced terrible turbulence that caused the crew to repeatedly reassure us via the in-flight audio system that, basically, we were not going to crash. It was frustrating as f*ck. Not the turbulence, the crew repeatedly interrupting me listening to Sound Garden (and, as usual, daydreaming I was Chris Cornell singing the songs).

At one point, I was deadass OK with the plane crashing, as long as I could finish listening to Bad Motorfinger uninterrupted!

You see, if my life had a soundtrack, it wouldn’t be complete without songs from Chris Cornell, whether solo or with his band(s). So, when I logged on and saw #RIPChrisCornell trending, it felt like the plane had crashed after all.

I know everybody dies and 2016 might have left everyone with celebrity death fatigue, but I’ll never let myself be numb to loss, especially when I Iose a piece of myself with the departed. 💔 Godspeed, Chris. #RIP 🕊 #blackday #outshined #lookingCA #feelingMN #dontBSyourself


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