Straight Becky Sexually Assaults Black Cop @ Pride, Boyfriend Thinks It’s Cute


Imagine the repercussions and public backlash if the roles were reversed in this pic: if this Black cop had clenched and gripped a fist full of this Becky’s vagina without her consent to the amusement of his Black girlfriend (who later tweeted it as a joke).

You don’t have to imagine. You already know; he (and his amused girlfriend) would be strung up by sundown.

If someone is having difficulty seeing #WhitePrivilege, #entitlement, and the sense of white dominion over Black bodies, show them this post. This is literally a pictorial illustration of all three rolled up in one. And if they still can’t see it, f*ck ’em. Keep it moving.

There isn’t a [sane] Black woman alive in the United States who’d think she could just snatch up a White cop’s c*ck in a pic with her Black boyfriend, and she not get arrested or worse.

This is some of the Beckyest sh*t I’ve seen all week… and it’s only Tuesday. 😒 #dontBSyourself


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