Brooklyn Lynch Mob: 7 White Thugs Savage A Random Black Man On NYC Train


Ousmane Wiles, an African-American Brooklyn, NYC choreographer from Dakar, Senegal–was savagely attacked by seven White assailants in a ‘drunken’ hate crime on a New York subway train. Wiles took to Facebook to detail his harrowing experience, in a pair of posts that are equally infuriating and inspiring.

Infuriating, because a pack of rabid racists viciously attacked a random Black man simply for his physical features. Inspiring, for two reasons: because 3 unknown men heroically fought off Wiles’ attackers and whisked him to safety. Also, because Wiles himself ended his Facebook message with a plea for peace–“please don’t leave this post with hate, but with hope.” Even though he is well-within his right to be furious.

Add Black-while-minding-your-own-business-on-the-train to the exhaustive list of things African-Americans cannot do without possible consequences, because racism. #dontBSyourself


Thank you everyone that has sent me love and your concerns , it has lifted my spirit up! I wish noone has to go through what i have! If you know me im not one for violence please dont leave this post with hate but with hope !!!


Last night at approximately 3:30am, I was riding the uptown 2-train heading home from a gig in Brooklyn. At the 96th st stop, 7 men entered the train and sat in close proximity to where I was sitting. The men began to point and stare, obviously making jokes.. As I lowered my head phones I could hear the men comparing my features to the African design on my shirt, making multiple racist remarks about my nose and skin.

By the time I realized they were drunk I got up to move seats to avoid drama. As I was leaving, one of the men tripped me and proceeded to pretended to help me up, only to pull away when I reached for his hand. Before I knew it, I was being jumped by 7 drunk white men telling me to return back to Africa. As one man held back my arms, two other men were punching me. I eventually hit the ground and could only cover my face.

Thankfully at 110th st., 3 young men entered the train and jumped in to pull me out of the train and called an ambulance.

I don’t know what happened to the men that helped me because they ended up back on the train and continued to fight the 7 drunk men. My hopes is the cops showed up and arrest the RIGHT people.

I apologize to those who showed up for my workshop this morning. I was in the hospital and did not have my phone to contact anyone. I hope to make this up to you soon.

As for me, I’m recovering. And I’ll be back stronger than ever.
Hate will never win. Love is ALWAYS the answer


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