@ Black Folk Who Hate White Men In Blackface, But Love Black Men In Blackwomanface: WHY?


Black men performers ‘in drag,’ who use their performance to portraying negative, racist stereotypes of Black women are principally no different than White (non-Black) men performers wearing ‘blackface’ to portray negative, racist stereotypes of Black people.

Yet, many of us (Black folks) who are absolutely not here for White men in ‘blackface’ just love(d) ourselves some Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Flip Wilson, Ricky Smiley etc. in ‘blackwomanface’–i.e. ‘drag’–portraying the stereotypical angry, loud, ghetto/ratchet, morbidly obese, belligerent, b*tch/ho, babymama, mammy image of Black women.

HOW is it that we collectively reject Whites in ‘blackface’ on grounds of historical racism against Black people, but accept the intraracist tradition of Black men performing in in ‘blackwomanface,’ despite its historical roots in racism against Black women? Misogynoir: That’s how. Lest we (Black people) forget, Black women are ‘Black people,’ too. Do better.  ‪#‎dontBSyourself‬


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