Hungry Kids Can’t Eat ‘Likes’: If You Support Local Activism, Break Bread (Money)


Providing an emergency safe haven for an abuse victim fleeing a dangerous situation costs money. Providing sustenance, clothing, and learning materials for underserved kids costs money. Protest signs, banners, leaflets, flyers, and t-shirts on the front lines costs money. Community service like cleanups and events cost money.

Grassroots advocacy, activism, and organizing pays very little, if anything at all, but costs quite a bit in time, energy, and… money. To say the least. (It may also cost our freedom and lives.) If you have a local activist or organization you believe to be true to causes that matter to you, support them. Don’t just Like them.

Likes matter, but hungry kids can’t eat Likes. A frightened abuse victim can’t seek shelter in a Share. Comments will not bond out an activist locked up for civil disobedience on behalf of justice; no more than retweets can buy gloves and trash bags for volunteers to use in a neighborhood cleanup. Yes, those [digital] forms of ‘support’ matter, but it’s difficult to be grassroots without ‘green’ (money).

Consider that before asking activist/artist to render their work or services for free, before you opt to not payback your community organizer friend a loan you owe them, etc. If you can’t or won’t give money, don’t cost them any more money than they already spend trying to fight the good fight for all… “all” including you.

When you bilk people who utilize their income and resources in service of the community, you undermine both their services and the community. That’s not like the pulpit pimp rap where they accuse you of “robbing God” if you don’t pony up 10% of your income, plus offering, love tokens, seeds, and of course the um… “building fund.” (Never mind tithing is actually not a commandment in the Bible… but I digress.)

No, there is a direct link between a grassroots activist losing money and losing the ability to travel to where they may be needed or provide some other tangible contribution towards a worthy cause.

If you couldn’t care less about either, well, I guess none of the above will compel you to reconsider your position and reading this has been a waste of both of our time for you. But if you do care, remember that ‘care’ is not just a noun, it’s a verb. #dontBSyourself


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