Walter Scott: Killer Cop Out of Jail For Less Than Harming A Dog


Walter Scott’s killer, Michael Slager, has officially been released after paying fifty-thousand dollars of a five-hundred thousand dollar bond granted to him in a hearing earlier today. While some question the amount of the bond, many people are outraged that he was granted a bond at all prior to his October 31, 2016 trial date.

Consider this: William Leonard Dodson–the Charleston man who taped Caitlyn the pitbull’s mouth shut–was arrested and held on bond that was the same amount as what Slager just paid to leave jail on a murder charge. Moreover, Dodson’s bond was revoked after a judge deemed him a threat to the public and a flight risk.

Let’s review: In Charleston, taping a dog’s mouth shut–which is absolutely an deplorable act of cruelty–got a Black man a bond the same amount as what an ex-Charleston police officer paid to get out of jail for the murder of a Black man. Let. That. Sink. In. #dontBSyourself


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