White Pedophile Privilege Doesn’t Justify Cosby Defense


Separate from Bill Cosby defenders who either genuinely believe he is not guilty as charged or invoke his legal right to the presumption of innocence until (or unless) proved guilty in a court of law, there are many not-so-supportive Bill Cosby supporters who readily admit they believe he is guilty as charged. Yet, they defend him by way of deflecting to an apparent racist double-standard.

More specifically, the double-standard being White celebrity accused sexual predators tend to receive significantly less public persecution and legal prosecution than their counterparts–i.e. Black celebrity accused sexual predators.


That the racist double-standard exists is a valid point, but using it to deflect from the alleged actions of a Black accused sexual predator is an invalid defense.

Their argument is essentially that it’s racist to not allow Black alleged rapists to benefit from white privilege granted by white supremacy to White alleged rapists. The crux of which is not a case for admitted celebrity sexual predators like Stephen Collins to be given the Bill Cosby treatment, but for Bill Cosby to be granted the Stephen Collins treatment.


Ironically, this ‘defense via deflection’ tactic is often deployed by racists who respond to Black victims of hate crimes by diverting attention to so called ‘black-on-black crime.’ Think about that: Black people defending a Black accused rapist via white supremacist rationale.

This is beyond “two wrongs don’t make a right.” This faction of Black Cosby defenders (deflectors) aren’t seeking rightness; they’re seeking whiteness. White privilege with a black face to be exact. Which–although it is a response to systemic racial injustice–is not a principled or empowering position for Black people to take in opposition to white supremacy.

Yes, systemic and societal racist double standards (just as intraracial crime within the Black community) are valid issues that should be addressed. But using these issues to deflect from addressing the issue of rape (or racism) is disingenuous and does more to preserve privileges of the oppressor than to liberate the oppressed from their oppression.  #dontBSyourself


4 thoughts on “White Pedophile Privilege Doesn’t Justify Cosby Defense

  1. Some People Need to Study the History of black Star their rise to fame and their Down Fall, Oprah Wealth is not Married her wealth will go back to her School, and Corporate America…..Bob Johnson was Forced out of B.E.T chasing the Air port Buy planes with no termnal space to operate from….we don’t All don’t extra Emotional ….just deal with the Facts and don’t let the Media or Mrs Gloria …Bend Time 1970’s to 2004 ..Fact #1 Developed in the late 1970s, sexual assault medical forensic exams (commonly known as “rape kits”) was availabe If you believe you have been sexually assaulted don’t urinate, douche, bathe, brush your teeth, wash your hands, change clothes, or eat or drink before you go. These things may give evidence of the rape. The hospital will use a special kit to collect evidence…. Fact #2 DNA was first used to aid a criminal investigation by Professor Jeffreys in 1986. This investigation used DNA fingerprinting techniques to link semen stain samples, collected from two rapes/murders that had occurred three years apart in 1983 and 1986, in a small village in Leicestershire, UK.. Fact #3 The polygraph machine was invented in 1921 in Berkeley, California. In 1923, in what became a historic Supreme Court judgement, Frye v United States, it was ruled that scientific evidence, like that obtained through the polygraph, should only be admissible if it was “sufficiently established to have gained general acceptance” in the scientific community. …from 1970 -Now these things are Available… let know deal with wealth and Fame Micheal Jackson was worth $600 million one feared his wealth or influcence they had him in court on trumped up charges…. James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul Networth 100 Milion was arrested for domestic violence so Fear should not have been issue their is a great list through out this time spand of people being Convicted….cosby was off tv and 67 years old why the years of waiting? I’m not For Rape but this case will not be solved in the court of public Opinion on social media … stop being emotionally Media Manipulated let us deal with the Facts..


    ..Have you ever had sex after consuming alcohol (any amount)? If so, then you’re a rapist – or rape victim, depending on your sex.
    Coastal Carolina University, in South Carolina, is continuing its apparent quest to become the biggest panderer to the extreme wing of the campus sexual assault crusaders with a new poster claiming that only sober people can consent to sex. ….(Weed or marijuana are Included)



    1. Oprah being unmarried is not a “fall.” And he wealth will go wherever she decides to leave it in her will.

      Bob Johnson was not “forced out” of BET. Originally in 1979 BET was only on for two hours every Friday night and the company didn’t turn a profit until 1985. Bob Johnson sold BET to Viacom by choice for 3 billion dollars. That sale was a rise, not a “fall” for Bob Johnson.

      Now… about “the facts,” let ‘s deal with those that you have offered:

      Fact 1# You rape kit information is moot because Cosby admits to having had sexual contact with his 2004 accuser. He also claims he didn’t have intercourse with her. So, the rape kit would be of no use in a case of admitted sexual “fondling” and no transference of DNA material.

      Fact #2 You DNA information is irrelevant to the 2004 charge. See: Fact #1.

      Fact #3 The invention of the polygraph machine is also irrelevant and immaterial to this case because Cosby has never agreed to take a polygraph test. His accusers cannot forced him to take a polygraph test and his lawyers could have the results of them taking a polygraph blocked from being presented at trial.

      How can they do that? Because results of polygraph tests are seldom admissible in court because they do not actually detect lies, as advertised and they can be “fooled.” See here: http://lifehacker.com/5675884/how-to-beat-a-polygraph-test

      Now, about your “wealth and fame” theory:

      This is all conjecture. You haven’t actually listed any tangible evidence to substantiate that Bill Cosby is a victim of a vast conspiracy that also brought down Michael Jackson and James Brown. In fact, you haven’t actually proven Jackson and Brown were victims of a conspiracy, either.

      In the case of Jackson, yes, he was found not guilty of sexually assaulting one accuser, but his other accuser received a settlement. By your own logic, that would make one charged “trumped up” and the other charge valid.

      James Brown admitted to domestic violence. And the charges related to the high-speed chase with police–for which he was sentenced to six years–were also not only confessed, they were caught on video tape. Again, Brown confessed. Not only was his wealth not the cause of his predicament, his wealth likely lessened his punishment.

      As for why wait to charge Cosby, his accuser actually accused him at the time in 2004. Would Bill Cosby be the first rich, powerful celebrity to buy his way out of a legal jam? No. For some rea$on, the DA decided to not indict him. That was then; this is now. He’s now being charged because there’s a new DA who ran on the promise to review the accusations against him and seek charges if the evidence warrants doing so, unlike their predecessor.

      You keep reiterating the importance of facts, but all your offering in the way of facts are non sequiturs and conjecture.

      Lastly, no, I have never had sex after consuming alcohol. (I’ve never consumed alcohol, by the way.) I also do not have sex with anyone inebriated or incapacitated in any manner, as Bill Cosby admittedly did for decades. So… so much for your wildly misguided and misinformed ‘any sex after drinking is all rape, depending on your gender’ assertion.

      In closing, I’m not going to jump down the rabbit hole of putting college campus rape and regulations on trial, if for no other reason than it’s a deflection from the actual case at hand: Bill Cosby. Here’s a link that’s actually relevant and speaks for itself, regardless of how you feel about the case or supposed “conspiracy” against him: http://deadspin.com/the-new-case-against-bill-cosby-is-mostly-based-on-evid-1750303436

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