More Black People Need To Do “White People Sh*t”

You ever notice how most of the things many Black people consider “White people sh*t” are often things that would actually benefit Black people, too?

NOT eating salty, buttery, fatty food: “White people sh*t.”

Jogging, cycling, yoga, and swimming: “White people sh*t.”

Meditation, therapy, and holistic medicine: “White people sh*t.”

Non-violent disciplinary methods: “White people sh*t.”
There’s even a segment of us who believe that being eloquent, educated, intelligent, refined, and polite is some “White people sh*t.” Many of us have been bamboozled–via white supremacist social conditioning–to perceive positive, progressive, practical or principled things as “White people sh*t” to the detriment of ourselves.

Could it be that the concept of “white people sh*t” is itself some white supremacist sh*t designed to influence Blacks to self-sabotage? Clearly.

Now, I’m not saying more Black folks need to start kissing pets on the mouth–yeah, I know “not all White people…”–or give up lotion (shea butter if you’re fancy), Lawry’s seasoning salt, hot sauce, and ‘Empire.’ I’m just saying that generations of Black people associating positivity with whiteness and negativity with blackness was/is not “Black people sh*t.”

Learn your history. Discover yourself. Know your sh*t. #dontBSyourself



2 thoughts on “More Black People Need To Do “White People Sh*t”

  1. White supremacist shit designed to influence self sabotage. Damn. I was making dessert one night at my aunt’s. I measured the sugar I wanted to put in the the pie I was making. I got “that’s all? Poor some more in there. Cooking like them white folks.” Told her it’s the reason diabetes/being overweight is so prevalent in our family. There’s this proudness in making food unhealthy..not like them white folks.


  2. Thank you for saying this.
    A hero I just discovered a couple of days ago is Circuit Judge Vonda Evans. A video on this page records her giving a brutal cop a piece of her mind.
    In order to become a judge, this wonderful woman had to do some white people sh*t like go to school, keep a clean record, etc. and I’m so glad she did.


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