Interracial Sex/Love Doesn’t = “Can’t Be Racist”… Ask Strom Thurmond


Richland SC County Sheriff Leon Lott is defending his wildly abusive officer #BenFields–of #SpringValleyHigh–as not being a racist based on Deputy Fields’ dating relationship with an African-American woman “for quite some time.” So… interracial sex or romance = can’t be racist? Wrong.

Based on that asinine logic, another high profile SC racist–Senator Strom Thurmond–was actually not a racist after all, despite being a breathlessly rabid segregationist.

“I wanna tell you, ladies and gentlemen, that there’s not enough troops in the army to force the southern people to break down segregation and admit the n*gger race into our theaters into our swimming pools into our homes and into our churches.” -Strom Thurmond, Dixiecrat (1948)

You see, at the time (1948) Thurmond gave this infamous ‘swimming pool’ speech, he had a secret 23 yr old biracial daughter–whom he was supporting through college–named Essie Mae Washington-Williams. She was conceived in 1925 by then 22 yr old Thurmond and his family’s 16 yr old Black servant, Carrie Butler.


That’s right. The very same raving racist in this clip ranting about not allowing the “n*gger race” into his swimming pool, failed to mention he’d integrated his own bedroom–by way of ‘dating’ (raping?) a young Black girl.

So, tell me one more time how ‘dating’ interracially means a person can’t be racist. #dontBSyourself #BLM


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