North Charleston Mayor’s “Dirty Laundry” Beyond the Pale In Local Media, Black Rival’s Fair-Game


So… it’s nice to see Brenda Rindge (Post & Courier) finally reporting that “dirty laundry” is counterproductive in the political discourse of North Charleston’s mayoral race, now that candidate John Singletary has doubled-down on exposing incumbent Mayor Summey’s past and current, personal and political alleged misconduct.

Though, it would have been even nicer if she reported that newly inspired anti-“dirty laundry” narrative before writing a previous article that cast Singletary as a ‘mud slinger’ for alleging corruption and two articles dealing with the “dirty laundry” of a five year old arrest (the facts of which Singletary contests). Then a fourth article that ‘paints’–by way of secondhand quotes–Singletary as a dirty pool player and Mayor Summey as a virtual victim of supposed scurrilous aspersions cast upon him.

Otherwise, airing out Singletary’s reported past “dirty laundry,” while claiming Mayor Summey is being ‘painted’ with his past alleged “dirty laundry” could be perceived as a double-standard.

Either both candidate’s alleged personal indiscretions are fair game to be investigated and reported or not. At least, in the spirit of fairness, that’s the way it should be. #dontBSyourself


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