How Involved Should Parents Get In Their Minor Kids’ ‘Puppy Love’ Life?


Is it wrong or at least inappropriate for an adult to give a minor kid dating (relating) tips? E.g. A grown man/woman basically playing Cyrano de Bergerac for a young boy/girl seeking the attention of another kid. Which could be viewed as an adult rappin’ to a child vicariously through their own kid, giving an advantage to their kid.

Let’s face it, if a boy follows a man’s (or woman’s) instructions on what to do or say to get the girl he’s after, that girl is competing with a child’s mind against adult strategy. By the same token, no little boy is mentally equipped to play the “mind games” of a grown woman, even vicariously through her little girl. (Hell, most grown men aren’t prepared to play that game!)

It’s understood, expected that at some point in a child’s life and development they will discover “puppy love” (romance) and their parent(s) might offer them relationship advice–i.e. general advice on relating with boys or girls.

But what about ‘dating tips’–i.e. how to approach (pick up?) a boy or girl and/or win their affections? Should adults stick to advising kids about feelings, relating and leave all the ‘strategy’ up to the kids or is it ok for a parent to give their kid(s) a few mackin’ lessons to help their “puppy love” life?

What do you believe should be the do’s and don’ts of adults giving dating (relating) tips to kids?


2 thoughts on “How Involved Should Parents Get In Their Minor Kids’ ‘Puppy Love’ Life?

  1. I think it’s important for the child to find their own “nitch.” I may give small tips in precaution/mindfulness/repect, but that’s it. As those things apply when dealing with anyone. I think it’s nice to see what a child’s mind comes up with.

    I remember my brother came up with an idea to give his crush a love letter along with a younger pic of him. He was around 11 at the time. Haha adorable

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