Facebook Bans “H*nky,” But Approves of THIS Pic…


After I wrote about being banned by FB for using the words “redneck,” “honky,” and “devil” in the context of discussing words that may violate FB’s “community standards,” a friend sent me the above screenshots of their attempt to report an incendiary, anti-Black, racist image.

Without hesitation, FB replied notifying them that the image posted by ‘Michelle Georgevich Hellgeth‘ does not violate community standard. Their report was rejected. Meanwhile, using the words “redneck,” “honky,” and/or “devil”–even in an academic context–is a violation of FB’s community [double] standard. Look at that pic again. Now… let that sink in.

Perhaps the above example is just one that slipped through the cracks, an anomoly and not indicative of a pattern selective (racially biased) FB censorship? Well, let’s see about that. Here we have a wildly racist meme posted by FB user Damein Condo which reads, “Black Pregnancy Test: Put a piece of chicken in the vagina, wait 30 seconds, if there’s a bite out of it, then there’s a little nigga in there.” And underneath the meme is the word “Dead” to signify having died of laughter.

Instasize_1008115935Surely, such a meme would violate FB’s stringent community standards, right? Wrong. As you can see from the above screen shot, FB does not in fact feel this meme is a violation. So… never mind typing “honky” in any context will get a FB user banned, posting “nigga” in the context of a racist joke is not a problem.

If by chance racist memes are a problem for you, and you decide to report them whenever you see them, ironically, “over reporting” [anti-Black] racist content is more likely to get you banned than posting [anti-Black] racist content. See the following warning message (on the right) FB replied with when multiple [anti-Black] racist meme posts were reported from the same thread (on the left):


Not to belabor the point, but I will be updating this post with more examples such as all of the above. If you have screen shots of your rejected attempts to report bigoted content FB that you would like me to add to this blog, please email them to me: dontbsyourself@gmail.com with the subject line Re: FB Community Standards.

One wonders, when FB speaks of what does and doesn’t violate “community standards,” exactly which “community” are they referring to? #dontBSyourself


7 thoughts on “Facebook Bans “H*nky,” But Approves of THIS Pic…

  1. I agree that it’s a double standard, and literally requires double the work. It took 2 weeks, and multiple feed back for them to remove that anti #BLM photo I reported.

    I really would like to see that change. It’s getting really stupid.


  2. I posted a link on my own page to a study that was recently conducted showing that white supremacy groups were more dangerous to this country than some Muslim terrorist groups. I then had a person that I didn’t even know comment and begin to berate me and tell me to move back to my home country of Russia or Cuba or wherever I was from (because I live in SC and my family is Italian, hence the last name, and he was obviously to stupid to work out where we hailed from). So I reported him to Facebook and blocked him. Facebook responded in kind, with the did not violate community standards business. Even after he verbally harassed me and cursed at me for absolutely no reason other than I pissed him off because I pointed out his white hood was showing and maybe he would like to adjust that. Though it was not directed at him as I did not know he existed till he began spewing more hate speak at me. I have reported people now just two or three times. Although every time has been rejected. And every time it has been in relationship to some minority group. So this last time I told Facebook in no uncertain terms it was time they should reevaluate what their community standards were if more of these things were not violating them. The last thing I reported was a Facebook page that was glorifying the rape of women, and that too did not violate standards. So basically I am not really sure Facebook has any standards, that is until maybe you are a white, upper-middle to upper class male, then I’m sure your feelings are quite valid. I’m pretty sure that is exactly the “community” to which they keep referring.


    1. Just yesterday I reported a racist meme to test if their community double standard had improved, but no such luck.

      The meme was “How to pick up Black girls” along with a pic of a slave ship, posted by a White woman who basked in taunting people offended by her posts.

      Of course, FB didn’t feel her meme was a violation, and she doubled down on her taunts.

      And I would expect nothing else from a racist troll who knows that people who report their content are more likely to be banned for reporting their filth than they themselves are for posting it.


  3. I’ve been wrongfully suspended by Facebook several times, and in each case, I never crossed that line in terms of their community standards. I was snarky, yes, but I didn’t cross the line.

    Meanwhile 95% of what I do report doesn’t “violate their community standards”, even though it goes way over that line. There’s a racist piece of garbage over in the UK who fancies himself an immigration consultant, and yet is one of the most bigoted people I’ve ever come across. In a story about a toddler who fell to his death out of an apartment window, he basically said, “who cares? He’d have just ended up a ghetto rat like all his kind does.”


    1. My friends have been getting suspended from FB for posting screen shots of the vile comments and private messages they receive from bigots. Meanwhile, the bigots who sent the original vile message doesn’t get suspended. On what planet is the logical or fair???


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