Seriously… CNN, WTF? Pope Francis, The “New Nelson Mandela???”


Apparently, CNN has run fresh out of superlative hyperbole to describe Pope Francis. And dubbing the pope the “new (and improved?) Nelson Mandela” as a global “moral authority” makes much more sense than comparing him to say… I don’t know… Mother Teresa?

But, that would be crazy talk. After all, what do Pope Francis and Mother Teresa really have in common that would make them more comparable than with Nelson Mandela… besides both being highly regarded religious figures of the same faith (Catholicism) and renown champions of the poor?

Remember that time Pope Francis did nearly three decades in a South African hard labor prison camp, remained on the US terrorist watch list even after he’d served as his nation’s first Black president, and the first Black president of the United States praised him as an inspiration? Brilliant, CNN. Nailed it! #dontBSyourself


3 thoughts on “Seriously… CNN, WTF? Pope Francis, The “New Nelson Mandela???”

  1. Unbelievable. What a blatant false equivalency to Pope Francis as well as an offensively dismissive crack against President Mandela. CNN has turned into such a hack organization; very FOXNews lite, which is not a compliment.

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