Banned (Again) For Violating FB’s Community [Double] Standard


Ok… the [racist] rats are clearly being allowed to run the asylum at Facebook. I’ve already gone in at length about how their policies not only allow anonymous user bullying and harassment, it invites such behavior with little to no rhyme, reason or recourse for the accused.


At this point I still don’t know and I’m not sure I even care where or with whom the fault lies most with these willy nilly bans, blocks, lockouts and deletions on Facebook. I’m just over incessant pettiness and prejudice that persists there–be it the trolls, moles or Facebook controllers themselves.


The latest incident that got me banned and warned that my profile could be permanently deleted truly encapsulates just how arbitrary Facebook community [double] standard “violations” are. If this exchange constitutes a ban-worthy offense, my days are numbered there.

It ironically all began with me posting a status about being tagged in sexually explicit posts on Facebook. Which one would think they violate community standards, but I’ve reported them often to no avail. They remain posted.


In the comments of this thread, I shared edited screen shots of the porn posts that inspired the original status:



Naturally, my friends wondered, asked how it was possible that those posts uncensored didn’t violate Facebook’s community [double] standard…


…and this is the exchange that got me banned. My friend Bob shared a story about some wildly racist dude who made anti-Black remarks which he’d reported, but Facebook found not to be in violation of their community  [double] standard. Bob, a white guy, asked me to take three guesses which words did “violate.”

Thinking there must be some ironic twist to the story, I guessed three anti-White slurs: “redneck,” “honky,” and “devil.” Note I didn’t direct those slurs at anyone. I was just answering the question that a (WHITE!!!) friend asked–to name three slurs that finally got the racist dude banned. Unlike the ranting racist Bob was telling me about–whom it took so much effort to have his comments deleted–answering Bob’s question got ME banned on the spot with one report. *side eye*


Presumably, some butthurt mole saw my reply to Bob, took offense, reported me, it was deleted from the thread, and I got banned without warning. Just like that. Even Bob–did I mention Bob is White? So is Cyndi–was shocked when I told him that Facebook banned me.


I replied to Facebook with a letter of protest, but that was all for naught. I knew they wouldn’t GAF, but I felt this needed to be said anyway:

You blocked me from posting for 24hrs, removed a comment of mine for violation of community standards, and warned me that I might lose my profile altogether over a comment that was NOT directed at anyone.

A [white] friend of mine asked me a question [regarding racial slurs] and I replied with a question. Do you not see the question mark at the end of the comment you deleted???

Did you not consider context at all? Even my friend (Bob Harris) was shocked that I was blocked for that exchange, considering he used the same words and worse in that very exchange when relaying something a racist said. Incidentally, the racist he was referring to was NOT blocked for what THEY said. Yet, here I stand banned from commenting for ASKING Bob about the deleted slurs? Really?!

If your censorship policy is far too arbitrary and draconian for even two friends to openly discuss an issue that involves offensive terms (which are not directed at anyone), there’s no way anyone who doesn’t stick to posting cat videos, selfies, and food pics can ever know when a random exchange might result in a permanent ban.

It’s one thing to remove the use of racial slurs for the purpose of insult or offending others, but removing the use of slurs stated in a discussion about the slurs is patently ridiculous.

You do not owe your users “free speech,” but allowing users to anonymously use your community standards policy to repress other users’ free speech is unfair and counter everything Facebook claims to stand for in providing a forum for open expression and socializing.

This whole series of shenanigans at Facebook reminds me of my last days at MySpace years ago. Not saying that Facebook is going that route, but I am. It’s just no longer a feasible format for some as outspoken and candid as I.

Among other things, I am a social commentator, but such draconian double standards are designed  to discourage, not encourage the type of discourse and dialog that are my brand.

Well, Facebook has every right to control their product and protect their brand by their own standards… and so do I. Fair exchange is no robbery.

I’ll continue to use their forum to network until they finally pull the plug on my profile. (Which is inevitable because I will not acquiesce to their double standard at the expense of my own standards and principles.) When that time comes–that Racebook [sic] finally bans me permanently–you will know where to find me: right here, uncensored, unbowed. #dontBSyourself #iAmTheDanger


6 thoughts on “Banned (Again) For Violating FB’s Community [Double] Standard

  1. This is precisely why your new site is so sorely needed. This shenanigans is one of the many reasons why I’ve never liked FB. It is painfully obvious that the unofficial FB policy is to ostracize and silence you for your heinous crime of publicy vocalizing your self-determination while Black–and openly advocating that others of all colors tap into their activism. This is an old and tired story in this country. Strong Black voices are to be feared. But they fail to realize they are NOT the only game in town.

    You Sunn, have outgrown that forum. FB isn’t big enough to accomodate your convictions and larger societal truths. I just sincerely hope that FB’s grip isn’t so strong as to keep your followers there from stepping outside and following you here; but it would be their loss and the rest of our gain.

    Keep telling it as it should be told and I am LOVING this new site!


  2. Facebook does has a double standard and we need to do something about it. My case I had with them is a little more devastating because I was thinking that I was the only one Facebook has been doing this to.

    I’m always getting banned on FB for racist attacks and FB always agrees with the Caucasian party.

    One day I was arguing with some caucasian kid online and were going back & forth. He posted an illustration of two black kids hung on a tree as a hammock with a kkk member laying on them reading a book. I then posted an image of a black guy in the woods hanging a kkk member from a tree. I got banned for 30 days. Got out of FB jail and found the same post I just talked about so I reported the racist post of the two black kids hung and being used as a hammock with a kkk member laying on the. I must of reported that image about 5 or more times. Each time they came back and said it didn’t violate their FB community standards.

    FB has double standards, we clearly can see and I wont let this slip by.

    If you would like to see the images that we both used contact me.


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