White Mayor of Predominantly Black City Courts Black Vote With Rap, Fried Chicken & Face Paint


Ok. So, the above meme isn’t the actual flyer for longtime North Charleston, SC mayor Keith Summey’s “meet and greet” with the city’s [predominantly Black] constituency, but it is an historical translation of the actual flyer, below.


Suffice to say, many local offended Blacks took to social media to voice their rebuke of the Summey’s flyer as placating to racial stereotypes of what appeals to Black people/southerners.

Of course, one could argue that the attractions featured on Summey’s flyer are cultural, not racial, but what if North Charleston, SC was predominantly Hispanic and Summey featured a Mariachi band, tacos, and piñatas for kids at his ‘not racial’ meet and greet? Would that not be racist on his part or nah?

We cannot presume to know what, if any, racist feelings lie in Summey’s heart, but it is a safe assumption that as a born southerner and mayor of North Charleston since 1994 that he’s familiar with racist codespeak and racial dog whistle rhetoric. In fact, he put such codespeak to use recently when he dismissed a Black mayoral candidate opponent, John Singletary, as “an angry man” for vigorously challenging his record and job performance as mayor. (Angry Black man stereotype anyone?)

So, we can only guess that either he is coyly pandering for the Black vote based on racial stereotypes he believes to be true or he’s genuinely tone deaf to the voices of his Black constituents, regarding what appeals to them and/or represents their collective interests. Neither of which should earn him the Black vote.

What say you? What’s your take on Mayor Summey using racially stereotypical elements to lure [Black] voters: fair or foul? #dontBSyourself


6 thoughts on “White Mayor of Predominantly Black City Courts Black Vote With Rap, Fried Chicken & Face Paint

  1. its foul, because you should never assume you know about people , until you actually reach out to each community wehre you want to get your votes. get to know the culture and the climate of the people. Listen to what their needs are, to a person running for this position. I find it distasteful all together.

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  2. Foul. Unless he sent out surveys asking people of the community what they’d like to eat and listen to. Highly doubt that was the case. He went with what HE felt the community would like. Rap and fried chicken 😒 Come on!

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  3. I guess the Mayor thinks all black folks want to do is eat, drink and party…plus the location he plan on having the event is a old rundown shabby place; why he didn’t have the event in Park Circle near the area where he lives? I guess his area in Park Circle is too extravagant for black folks.

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  4. This is entirely foul and offensive. This man was alive and well and a native of the very city he represents when it was under Jim Crow segregation. He knows firsthand what racist tropes are and are not. His sense of entitlement for votes is on clear display; I just hope the constituents show him he was sadly mistaken come election day.


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