Police Brutality Is Domestic Terrorism


Many Americans who rationalized the US retaliating against a foreign nation (Iraq) that had nothing to do with 9/11 instead of focusing first and foremost on domestic terrorism, refuse to see the rationale in Black people not focusing solely on so called “Black on Black crime” to deflect from police brutality against Blacks (and other people of color).

Anyone who said “what about domestic terrorism” and pointed out the OKC bombing or the Unabomber to argue why the US should clean up in-house before fighting terrorism abroad would have been painted by patriots as un-American.

Yet, these same patriots find it un-American for Black people to multitask addressing crime within the Black community and crimes against the Black community by the people (police) who swore an oath (and collect checks, benefits) to serve and protect their community.

Such hypocrisy is nothing more than racism disguised as patriotism, which is somewhat redundant considering the two are often applied interchangeably.

Of course, Black people care about and make efforts to curb crime within their own community, just as all races of people should (all races of people  commit crimes against one another at comparable rates). But, that doesn’t mean they should ignore the systemic crimes committed against them that are often contributory to the crimes they commit against themselves.

Still, it’s ‘funny’ how oppressed people of color are expected to reflect on how they contribute to their own oppression, but it’s considered borderline treasonous to suggest America reflects on how its foreign policy and military ‘police actions’ may contribute to being targeted by foreign terrorists.

There goes that patriotic [racist] double-standard again.

Let’s face it: people do not ask about “Black on Black crime” in response to #BlackLivesMatter because they care about the well-being of Black people. Otherwise, they would not be using their care as a counterpoint to efforts to protect Black people’s well-being.

And more Black people die annually of dietary related illnesses than “Black on Black crime.” Yet, anti-BLM folks never deflect from police brutality by asking  “What about your cholesterol level?”

The purpose of their deflection is two-fold: obfuscate the issue to exonerate the system and themselves by proxy. To condemn the system that affords them privilege would require them to check their privilege and examine their own contributions (or culpability) in the abuse of Black people by that system.

In short, “Black on Black” crime deflectors–be they patriots or even bamboozled Blacks–doth protest too much, methinks. If the United States can justify drone strikes on foreign soil while Black churches, marathons, and movie theaters are shot up, burned, and bombed on American soil, surely America can fathom Black people directly addressing the terror beset upon them, despite internal strife. #dontBSyourself


2 thoughts on “Police Brutality Is Domestic Terrorism

  1. The people that hate to talk about racism love that deflection. Even if that same race on same race crime didn’t exist, they’d never be seen speaking against racism. M Hell, speaking on racism at all. They wouldn’t have a deflection in order to continue not doing so. It would “out” them. Always a deflection or silence. Little do they know that silence outs them already.

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