Officer Slager & Andy Savage vs Our Own Eyes #JusticeForWalterScott


Walter Scott’s killer, Officer Slager, claims the video of him gunning Walter down from a ‘safe’ distance is unreliable, because it doesn’t include the altercation that preceded him shooting Walter multiple times in the back from a ‘safe’ distance. He says “what makes me upset is that nobody knows what actually happened.” Word?

Well, what makes the Scott family, Black Charleston, and any/everyone else with at least on sighted eye and a conscious upset is you (Slager) gunning down a fleeing Black man in the back from a ‘safe’ distance and having your high-paid (on a cop’s salary???) attorney(s), Andy Savage smear the deceased with obfuscations :

“(Slager) sees irrational behavior of a suspect, at that time,” Savage told NBC News. “He sees a guy who’s committed four felonies in the last minute and a half — violently resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, robbing the police officer of his weapon … and using that Taser in attempt to harm him.” Yeah, no.

Basically, the Slager/Savage defense is to ask us who we’re going to believe, them or our ‘lying’ eyes. Ask yourselves, if this “3 second” clip was Walter Scott shooting Officer Slager in the back from a ‘safe’ distance, do you think that video would be unreliable, inconclusive, and current Slager supporters would be exclaiming we have to wait for more evidence before ‘rushing’ to judgment? #dontBSyourself


2 thoughts on “Officer Slager & Andy Savage vs Our Own Eyes #JusticeForWalterScott

  1. It would be a slam dunk you are guilty case. It bothers me that when you hear of the police brutality on POC in the national news, many times Walter Scott’s name is omitted. To me, his case, is one of the most the grievous cases. 🙏🏿🙏🙏🏻🙏🏽

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