FB Profile In Purgatory, Get @ Me Here…

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29 thoughts on “FB Profile In Purgatory, Get @ Me Here…

  1. Thank goddess!!!!!! I’ve been emailing the hell outta you! Whew! Ok, now to figure out how to share your wisdom on my FB! Soooooooooooo glad to see you back in full on Sunn Strength! Missed you and your words!

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    1. The most irritating part about it is not being able to inquire about it with an actual human being at FB. That I know of, the whole thing is shrouded in mystery and possibly decided by bots. Who knows? Not I.


    1. Facebook is a good utility in its own way, but it does suck and so many more ways. I had grown weary of playing this game for quite some time now. This isn’t the first time they’ve allowed some butthurt troll to report me and lock up my profile.


  2. Sunn!! What’s up fam? Glad to find ya here. The ladies passed on the info. ( Thank you ladies, you know who you are). Hope all is good, and that this gets wrapped up quickly. If there is anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask.


    1. The more I read about this ludicrous policy, Bob, the less encouraged I am about it being resolved sensibly. To say this is an overreach on FB’s part would be a gross understatement.


      1. Yeah, I started lookin into the policy a little bit. I have more homework to do. Apparently there was a big problem in 2014, because people were reporting ” drag queens/kings, transgender,….. Etc”

        seems as though some of those people had their issue resolved, may be worth trying to contact them, and see who they spoke to…



      2. It’s still a big problem with virtually everyone from Native Americans, religious figures, stalking victims, and activists to pretty much anyone any anonymous troll decides to report for spite.


      3. I agree Sunn. It’s a big problem. I have tried messaging Chris Cox. I have also tweeted Facebook, asking for a customer service number to discuss the process of the name verification policy. I’m sure this wouldn’t be a person that could do much, but may be a live person to start with, to work as high up as necessary to see what can be done.


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