Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.3

Meanwhile, throngs of rabid Yelawolf employees, sycophants and fans who invaded my FB posts and failed miserably to debate me (and my friends) on the topic of the Confederacy, decided in defeat to instead report my profile en masse to have my content deleted for “hate speech” and my profile itself deactivate for ‘bullying’ (?) Yelawolf. Not surprisingly, FB accommodated their trolling tantrum.

Below is the screen shot of the notice I got when I logged in, just before my profile was suspended (again), until I verify my name (again).

This is not the first time I’ve verified my name–Sunn m’Cheaux–as a result of angry trolls reporting me. They say the verification info is kept on record. Yet, they ask for the info each time and suspend my profile in the interim. And that suspension is the actual end goal of the trolls who report me. They want to silence me and FB is either too inept or complicit to put a stop it. Either way… *shrug*

Any “community” that feels violated by my above rebuttal to Yelawolf’s Dixie diatribe is a “community” I don’t mind offending, whether I’m a part of it or not, online or offline.

So, there it is for everyone asking me why my FB profile is suspended (again). Because “f*ck ’em.” That’s why. #dontBSyourself #iAmTheDanger


11 thoughts on “Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.3

  1. It is “funny” that your rebuttal of Yelawolf’s post (a post you were quoting) “violated” FB community standards, but his post itself did not. I reported his post, and received a message from FB informing me that his post did not “violate” their standards.


    1. Their name verification process is so flawed, it’s easily abused by anonymous users to harass and stalk other users. Check out the Wires article I reposted here. It’s ridiculous.


  2. This is a holy shit, WTF moment if ever I saw one! I read this three times and couldn’t find have speech… I did however find intelligent, concise, dialogue!! You schooled then, Sunn! They hate that! When you can’t beat them, you cry about it, and get the person making you face the reality of your low IQ, removed!!

    Your rights have been violated!! I

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    1. I feel the same way, Loey, but it’s their site and they get to make the rules. However stupid and clearly biased the rules are. The First Amendment protects against the government suppressing free speech, but it says nothing about private enterprises or even public businesses for that matter. So basically there’s no recourse for me, except to rely on their consideration and common sense. Two things of which they seem to be in short supply.

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    1. Yeah, a friend of mine caught that typo and told me, but they removed it before I could correct it. All I had left of it was the screen shot, typo and all.

      The irony of that typo is that I took one of Yelawolf’s top sycophants to task in the comments for anti-gay remarks.

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