Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.2

After my initial reply to Yelawolf’s original Dixie rant went viral due to a clash between his fans and myself, as well as my followers, Yelawolf chose to double-down with follow up posts taking shots @ unnamed “chirping” critics (me). He vowed to never back down…

wpid-screenshot_2015-08-28-11-53-09-1.pngwpid-screenshot_2015-08-28-11-53-20-1.pngBut, then he did back down. His original “Dixie will never die” post railing against the burning Confederate flag t-shirt has been removed from his Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Screenshot_2015-08-28-12-14-19-1-1[1]He claims to have deleted the post due to a cease and desist letter issued by the makers of the t-shirt he ranted about. Though, his post copping a plea for backing down wrought with self-contradictory bravado. He’s got money to fight their lawyers, but instead he bows to their demands? He’s all for free speech and debating the issue, but says nothing of his employees and fans reporting the social media profiles of people who oppose his views?

Screenshot_2015-08-28-13-52-51-1[1] Screenshot_2015-08-28-13-53-03-1[1]All that bluster @ his “Typical LA” [white] critics, but still no direct response @ his many Black critics, including many in the Hip-Hop community (myself included) who voiced their disapproval and disappointment @ him directly…

Screenshot_2015-08-28-14-00-34-1[1]I guess his boundless bravado has some boundaries after all?


One thought on “Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.2

  1. And why in the world is ne using a #newsouth. There is absolutely NOTHING new South about his very centuries old and tired pro-Confederacy arguments–as you so eloquently schooled him. He needs to have a seat.


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