Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.1




2 thoughts on “Sunn vs. Yelawolf’s White Privilege Pt.1

  1. He’s in such a ‘rage’. It’s almost as if he had JUST heard about the confederate flag backlash that has died down immensely these days. In need of some attention maybe? Needed the heat to die down a bit first?


    1. It is quite convenient that he’s ‘stirring the pot’ again, just as his new album’s out.

      Now, that his sound is more sing-songy, Kid Rock-eque, Southern Rock/Rap, his “Dixie will never die” rhetoric actually appeals to his Slumerican base. I don’t doubt he believes what he says, but the cynic in me does *side eye* @ the timing.


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