iAm_3-1The fact that my mother worries about me being harmed/killed as an activist is one of the things that motivates me to remain active. She told me I should be careful with them out there, but it’s their mothers who should worry and tell THEM to be careful with ME out there.

I said to her–in the words of Walter ‘Heisenberg’ White–“I am not IN danger, mama, I AM the danger.” She then smiled and told me how proud of me she was (is). For that smile, I would die a thousand deaths, come back, and haunt those who killed me a thousand times via whomever I may have inspired, left behind.

It’s not all about collective social progress, though. It’s the intimate personal moments like that for which I live, love, and strive. There’s a world of difference between truly living and just being alive. My credo, “There’s no life, but the life you’d die to live.” And my life matters, but what I do with it matters even more.

Everyone dies, eventually. I am at peace with that and remain focused on loving my life, not losing it. My fear is not being a dead man in a coffin, but a dead man walking. So, I walk upright, shoulders square, chin up, and voice steady when I approach the adversary, look them in the eyes, face to face, and do what I was born, reared to do: BE SOMEBODY. #iAmTheDanger #Power #Peace #CharlestonTBE


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